One Hundred Years Young

1st May 2013, Alenia Aermacchi entered its first century of existence. . The sole company in the world to boast over a century of activity under the same shared brand, it was incorporated in 1913 by Giulio Macchi as Società Anonima Nieuport-Macchi. 100 years later, the brand Alenia Aermacchi gathers the whole aviation sector of Finmeccanica’s, the main Italian industrial group operating in cutting edge  technology. Read more

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One hundred years young Alenia Aermacchi photography contest - join now
Latest News
20 12 2013

Alenia Aermacchi, the sole aviation company in the world to boast over a century of activity under the same shared brand, has selected the winners of their photo contest launched on the occasion of its Centennial, which was open to all amateur photographers. Due to the large amount of photos received, the jury had a challenging task and selecting the first three classified photos was no easy endeavour. The...

13 12 2013

Press Clippings - Finmaccanica Magazine From fabric to titanium” and “from wood to composites” are two metaphors frequently used to describe the rapid progress of aeronautical technologies and the evolution of materials over slightly more than a century of powered flight. Only ceaseless innovation has allowed airplanes to turn from frail sporting apparatus capable of great feats, but of...

27 11 2013

Alenia Aermacchi compie 100 anni. Ecco i suoi aerei di punta L'azienda, oggi parte di Finmeccanica, venne costituita nel 1913 da Giulio Macchi col nome di Società Anonima Nieuport-Macchi che con 10 operai costruiva l'omonimo monoplano e negli anni successivi gli aerei che conquistarono record internazionali e i famosi caccia della Seconda guerra mondiale. di Gianandrea Gaiani See the article

30 10 2013

Press Clippings - African Aerospace The SF-260 is a small aircraft that punches well above its weight as Justin Paines, Chief Flying Instructor with the Empire Test Pilots' School, found out on a recent flight test.     Leggi l'articolo

11 10 2013

Update of the Press Clippings.   Download the PDF files: Aerei nella Storia   See the Previous Press Clippings: August July June June - Special May

26 09 2013

Press Clippings - AirForces Monthly Italy’s Aermacchi has a long history of building training aircraft and the tradition continues with Alenia Aermacchi's M-346 Master. AFM’s Jerry Gunner visited the factory near Milan and saw the jet being built. See the article

19 08 2013

Update of the Press Clippings.   Download the PDF files: Rivista aeronautica   See the Previous Press Clippings: July June June - Special May

16 07 2013

Aerfer Leone Before modern computer-assisted design it was common practice to build full-size wooden mockups to test layouts and systems, as can be seen in this photo of the Leone interceptor designed by Sergio Stefanutti for Aerfer, which at the time performed overhauls and built aerostructures in its Pomigliano factory. The fighter was developed with US funds and would have been the first...

10 07 2013

Update of the Press Clippings. Download the PDF files: Il Mondo Rivista Italiana Difesa Il Tempo L'unità See the Previous Press Clippings

08 07 2013

To celebrate its centenary, Alenia Aermacchi despalyed its leading products, both past and present, at Le Bourget Air Show (June, 17th -23rd). [caption id="attachment_6095" align="alignleft" width="150"] MB-308[/caption] [caption id="attachment_6095" align="alignleft" width="150"] SVA9[/caption] [caption id="attachment_6095" align="alignleft" width="150"] MC-27J[/caption] [caption id="attachment_6095"...

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